Soft FUE Hair Transplantation

Soft FUE is a hair sedation with soft sedation to prevent the patient from feeling the least pain in hair transplantation.

The amount of sedation and soft fue applied to the extent that can be used even in children, does not have any kind of bad effects.

The sedation procedure in Soft Fue is completely applied to the patient to have a more comfortable hair transplant operation. It is applied at the patient's request.

Why Sedation in Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation sedation procedure is recommended for a more comfortable operation of the patient, but it is necessary to first explain the hair transplantation operation to explain why sedation should be performed.

Hair transplantation operation takes place in the following four basic stages;

 1- Hair Transplant Preparation:

Before the hair transplant operation, some examination and preparations should be made in the area where hair transplantation will be performed. This stage is called the hair transplantation preparation stage.

In the preparation stage for hair transplantation, it is the stage in which the areas where the hair will be taken and planted are determined for the last time, if shaving is required, shaving is performed and anesthesia is performed before the hair transplantation.

Disinfecting and anesthesia is important for the patient to have a more comfortable hair transplantation process. The type of anesthesia determines the main comfort here.

2- Hair Roots / Graft Collection

After the hair transplant preparation process, that is, anesthesia, the hair follicles / grafts are collected. It is a stage that significantly affects the quality of the hair transplantation process. At the stage of collecting the hair follicles, it is carried out with the so-called micro motor which has different millimeter tips according to the condition of the hair follicles. Micro motors have low-rotating cylindrical tips. At this stage, the hair follicles should be collected homogenously in the nape region.

3- Opening the Channel

The grooving phase is the most important stage that ensures the natural appearance of the hair transplantation process. With the correct number, depth and angle of channels to be opened, a more intense and quality appearance can be obtained. The secret of a natural look is the opening of the channels at an angle of 40-45 degrees in the right direction.

4- Hair Roots / Grafting

The collected hair follicles / grafts are transplanted with as little contact as possible to the opened channels. As in the grooving stage, it is important for a natural appearance to be applied in the planting stage without damaging the hair follicles according to the natural direction of the hair.

When we examine all these stages, we see that the beginning of hair transplantation operation is anesthesia or sedation. The sedation / anesthesia procedure allows the patient to undergo the hair transplant operation in the most comfortable way.

Anesthesia / Sedation in Hair Transplantation

Anesthesia application, which is the beginning of hair transplantation operation, is the most painful stage by the patients. Although hair transplantation is generally painless, pain may be felt during anesthesia.

In hair transplantation, anesthesia processing is performed by different methods;

1. Anesthesia with needle

In this method, the first anesthesia application is given to the person who will have hair transplantation operation with a needle. Although these needles have very fine tips, they create a feeling of pain. Furthermore, since this anesthesia is performed on the scalp, the sensation rate is slightly higher. Nowadays, this method is the most commonly used anesthesia method because of its low cost.

2. Pressure anesthesia

This procedure is performed with a device developed to reduce the pain in the application of needle anesthesia and which can inject the anesthetic substance into the skin with pressure. This device is touched to the skin, leaving a more fluid anesthetic with high pressure thereon to the skin surface. Then anesthesia is applied with a needle.

Sedation Application

Sedation is actually one of the most advanced and important facilities in the field of anesthesia, which is applied even in infants. Sedation is the administration of the analgesic agent according to the physical condition of the person. In this application, one's consciousness is clear but his feelings are decreased. No need to feel pain in needles or other medical procedures.

It is important to have an anesthesiologist in sedation. Because the dose of sedation to be administered by the doctor, the person's physical activity and pain threshold is carefully determined.

Characteristics of Soft Sedation

  1. Soft FUE provides superior comfort to patients and the team.
  2. The patient undergoing sedation does not feel any pain during local anesthesia.
  3. The patient does not lose consciousness in any way.
  4. He can easily eat before the operation. This does not prevent sedation.
  5. It can meet all its needs (such as going to the toilet, eating and drinking) during the operation process.
  6. The patient can return home or hotel without difficulty as soon as the operation is finished.
  7. Soft Sedation has advantages over conventional sedation:

There is no disruption in establishing cooperation between the patient and the team under soft sedation.

The patient can be informed in a healthy and timely manner at all stages of the operation.

Thus, more satisfaction and satisfaction is observed in the patient at the end of the operation.

Sedation cannot be performed without physician control

Sedation, anesthesiaunder the supervision of a physician and according to the results of personal analysis. In other words, the person to be sedated is treated as a separate stage with a doctor other than the hair transplant doctor. Prior to the procedure, the anesthesiologist performs sedation according to the height, weight and body activity of the person. This application is usually made from the arm by opening the vascular access. Heart rhythm and other vital indicators are also monitored during the application. Therefore, the presence of the anesthesiologist is a very important factor.

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