PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP "Platelet rich plasma" is the short name for the application of platelet-enriched plasma. I would like to talk about platelets before I talk about this method which has become more popular recently.

What is Platelet

Platelets, also known as platelets, are the cells that circulate in our blood and come to the injured area in the event of an injury. They stick to income and stop bleeding first, leading to the formation of clots. They then secrete many growth factors to repair the injured area. These growth factors are a highly effective aid cry for surrounding tissues or other cells in the blood. Surrounding cells listen to this call for help, and a major process of repair and regeneration begins.

What is PRP Application

P.R.P. application of a person's own blood after processing a number of platelets 10 times richer than obtaining a plasma is used for various aesthetic purposes. Areas of application include facial rejuvenation, chest cleavage, hand back and scalp applications. Sometimes it can also be used to increase the permanence of the oil following oil filling applications.

The mechanism takes place exactly as I described above. For example, in a facial rejuvenation application, the resulting p.r.p. is injected in the form of particles under the facial skin at frequent intervals with a needle as thin as the insulin needle. These needle entry holes are already considered a trauma and a large amount of platelets are injected in that trauma area. Growth factors (also called growth hormones) released from these platelets stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin from surrounding tissues, as well as some processes essential for tissue regeneration, such as increased vascularization.

It is stated that the skin is seen more vivid and bright in the applied areas and it gains a freshness. It is observed that hair follicles in lazy phase are activated and cause hair growth.

PRP Application Results

P.R.P. applications are recommended 2-4 times with 2-4 weeks interval. The effects you will get will last for a year. Local anesthetic can be administered during the procedure if desired. Also, p.r.p. mesotherapy can be applied sequentially. Or it can be combined with chemical peels. Following fat filling applications, the viability of fat cells can be increased by injection into the fat graft.

P.R.P. it does not have any side effects since it is obtained from your own blood.

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