Post Operative Hair Wash

After the hair transplantation, the washing procedure will help to shed the skin and accelerate the healing process and give a better result.

One of the factors affecting the success rate after hair transplantation is to follow the washing procedure. The washing procedure will allow the scaling of your scalp to fall out, make your hair grow healthier and give you a healthy look quickly.

If a different program is not recommended by your doctor, wash according to the following protocol.

The first post-wash is performed by the experienced nurse on the next day or day 2 of the operation. The purpose of washing will occur after planting shells 10-12. to shed. Because shells not shed for more than 2 weeks can adversely affect the growth of your hair.

After the operation, the lotion and shampoo specified in the hair washing procedure will be recommended to you by our doctor.

Day 1:Washing is performed by the nurse in the clinic the next day or the 2nd day of the operation. Washing is taught to you.

Day 2: No washing. Dry day.

Day 3: Wash only with recommended shampoo. No moisturizing foam or lotion is used. Pour the shampoo into your hands as instructed and wash the donor area (the area where the hair follicles are removed) with shampoo without fear. Move the foam you have created on the palm by pushing it to the planting area. Spread the foam as if the baby caresses the head without massaging or friction in this area and feed the foam with a light push-pull. Never nail. After waiting for 2 minutes, rinse with water and press cleanly with a soft towel or paper towel to dry.

Day 4 and 5: Before washing, squeeze the moisturizing spray (lotion) or lotion into the hair transplant area and spread it with your hand in gentle movements. It can also be applied to the transmitter area. After waiting for 1 hour, first remove the lotion with pressurized water, then wash with the recommended shampoo on the 3rd day as you wash it and dry it in the same way. (It is recommended that patients with long hair sowing should dry their hair 15-20 cm from the distance in cold / warm mode of the hair dryer but not do full drying. In long hair sowing it is very important to use the comb. grafts may be damaged).

Day 6 and 7: Before washing, apply moisturizing spray (lotion) or lotion to the planting area and wait 3-4 hours. Then wash with recommended shampoo. On the 6th day, during the washing, start to friction both the donor area and the planting area with your fingertips for 2-3 minutes in a circular or right-left direction, as if massaging front-back. Never use fingernails in washing procedures, friction with finger tips, massage should be done. Trying to remove the shells with the nail will damage the hair roots as well as leave scars on the skin. Wash on the 7th day just like the 6th day, but the intensity of the massage should be increased by 10-15%. Rinse with plenty of water and dry in the same way.

Day 8-9 and Day 10: Apply moisturizing (softening) spray (lotion) or lotion at night. Leave until morning. Increase the intensity of the pressure and friction you apply during your morning wash every day by 10-15% compared to the previous day. The washing should be with low pressure water and rinsed with plenty of water. Drying should be done again by pushing and pulling. (Since the hair is short shaved, it is not a problem even if drying is not done)

11th and 12th Day: In these days, the humidifier should be applied before bedtime and morning washing should be done. The water should now be used in normal pressure. During washing, friction should be more severe and shampooing should be done 2-3 times during washing. Wash with plenty of water and stay under water for longer. It can even be washed twice a day. If it is to be washed twice, it is appropriate to keep the humidifier in the second wash for 2-3- hours or even not to use it at all. These days, after washing before drying by placing a paper towel over your head, pressing it with your hand on the middle of the front will pull the majority of the shells will be poured. After doing this process again under the shower by shampooing once again close to normal wash. You will see that all the shells have been poured at the latest on the 12th day. If the shells are still not shed, you should contact our clinic or you may experience problems with your hair growth.

Washing Warnings


  1. Wash water should be warm.
  2. Care must be taken when leaning forward. For example, try not to wash in the sink, if you hit your head while straightening the grafts will be damaged.
  3. 90% of the transplanted hair will be shed even in the first 1-1.5 months. You can see hair on the shells shed during washing. Don't worry this is an expected situation. 4-5. After the day the roots are not expected to grow.
  4. The bandage and bandage for the first day after hair transplantation will be opened on the next day and only elastic bandage (tennis band) will be worn after washing. This bandage should be removed from the 3rd day at bedtime and worn when you wake up in the morning. At the end of the 5th day, it should be completely removed. The only reason we use this bandage is to minimize the risk of swelling of your face and eye area due to the gravity of the serum and drugs in the operation area. Keeping it for too long is also not the case. Because the rubber bandage compresses this area and slows the blood circulation. However, abundant blood supply will be needed after the operation. It is therefore in your best interest to follow your doctor's recommendations.
  5. Rest as much as possible on the back for the first 3 days, avoid salty foods, apply ice to the forehead 10-15 minutes per hour and use the recommended medications to prevent the formation of edema on your face and around the eyes swelling (edema) to minimize the formation of other measures. .
  6. Moisturizing spray or lotion should be left after all shells have been spilled, but the recommended shampoo should be continued for about 1 month. It should be remembered that it can be used as a normal shampoo in the following period.
  7. The daily washing may be terminated after the shells have been spilled. You can return to your own washing frequency and habits. You can wash your hair as if it had never been operated.
  8. It should be remembered that the success rate in hair transplantation of thyroid patients, diabetic patients (presence of diabetes mellitus or insulin resistance), patients who have had anemia, cancer and / or organ transplantation or who are using umm suppressive (immunosuppressive drug) is lower.
  9. Vertex (peak region) in the planting period of time for all hair to grow out of sometimes up to 1.5 years. It should be noted that the success rate in the peak region is lower than other regions.
  10. It should be known that our clinic and medical team will not be responsible for any complications and negative consequences that may occur as a result of non-compliance with post-operative recommendations and receiving advice and support from other hospitals, clinics and centers, especially from non-physicians (PRP, Mesotherapy, medication, Shampoo, etc.).

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