Hair Transplantation

Hair Transplantation is the process of transferring hair follicles from hair-resistant nape or another part of the body (beard, chest, arm-leg and genital areas) to hairless areas.

Hair Transplantation Operation should be performed with specialist doctors and health workers in hospital or clinic environment. Hair transplantation is a microsurgical operation. Micro Surgery is called hair transplantation with much less intervention than normal surgery.

Hair Transplant Operation is the definitive solution for male pattern hair loss and Hair Transplant in Women is a definite solution against hair loss. In addition, beard, mustache, scarring in cases such as hair transplantation is applied.

At Fue & Hair Clinic, hair transplantation is carried out with the Fue Method, the best accepted hair transplantation method in the world.

Fue Hair Transplant Operation

Hair transplantation operation in Fue & Hair Clinic Istanbul is carried out with Fue Method which is accepted as the best hair transplantation method in the world.

Sheet metal cultivation was first applied in 1959 in the world. With the development of Fue technique in the 1990s, it entered into the modern and comfortable lane of today, and in the 2000s, the dominance of FUE technique came to the fore.

What is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Method?

Hair transplantation with FUE is the first choice in the world today. In this method, the hair follicles taken individually by means of special tools (micro motor or manual punch) are placed in the very small and thin channels opened in the planned area.

Although FUE method is the most preferred method of hair transplantation today, FUT technique, which is the first method applied, is still widely used in many countries. Bernstein in an article entitled ’Follicular Unit Transplantation’.

In recent years, with the development of unshaved Fue application, hair transplantation can be performed in the hair transplantation operation without the need of shaving the hair of the patient. Although shaving hair transplantation is a method that is a little more difficult and prolongs the operation time, it enables the patient to return to social life faster.

Why FUE Technique

Based on many years of experience in hair transplantation operations, the best method to use during hair transplantation is the Fue Method. With the FUE method, which is accepted as the gold standard, people with hair loss are given the opportunity to have natural looking hair.

The most important difference of FUE technique used in hair transplantation operations is that it leaves very little scar after the operation and heals very quickly. After hair transplantation performed with Fue technique, patients can return to their social lives much faster.

With the development of equipment used in the Fue method in recent years, the success of hair transplantation operations has increased further. With the use of these new materials, Fue technique has been diversified with different names.

Types of Fue Technique

With the development of the materials used in hair transplantation operation, Fue method has also been mentioned with different names. These are as follows.

Classic FUE (Micro motor)

In the Fue method, hair follicles are collected individually from the nape or other body areas with micro motors with punches of 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 and 1mm diameter, which have been specially developed for hair transplantation, or by manual punch.

Robotics FUE

The robotic hair transplantation process involves the automatic collection of hair follicles by the hair transplant robot instead of the classical methods, the opening of the channels in the planting area with advanced technology and the manual sowing of these follicles into the channels opened with minimum error.

DHI hair transplantation (FUE made with Choi implanter)

DHI technique, unlike FUE technique; hair follicles taken from the donor area can be described as a method in which two stages take place at the same time as implanting the implanted area without opening the canal with the implant. The Implanter / Choi needle has a very thin, cylindrical and sharp tip in shape. This Choi needle with a cylindrical tip is in the form of a channel and can be inserted into the needle by driving the hair along this channel. DHI technique is also referred to as Choi method because of the nature of this needle.

Sapphire FUE (Sapphire FUE)

With the advancement in technology, there are new developments in hair transplantation techniques and hair loss treatments. Hair transplantation operations, which have progressed to a great extent and turned into a procedure performed with minimally invasive methods, have become their present state in parallel with the development of the instruments used. Natural results obtained by FUE method, which is one of the most modern hair transplantation techniques which are widely applied today, took this success one step further by using sapphire tip special tools with sapphire fue hair transplantation method.

Soft FUE - Painless Hair Transplantation Method

With the Fue method used in the hair transplant operation, the pain that is already felt is very low with the Soft FUE method.The interior is imperceptible. With Soft FUE you can have a painless and much more comfortable hair transplant operation. Soft FUE is the ideal method for patients who have fear of needles during hair transplantation. The pain, which is already felt to a minimum, will be almost completely reduced to zero by this method.
With the sedation to be performed under the supervision of our anesthesiologist, you can hardly feel even local anesthesia before hair transplantation. In this way, you can get through the hair transplantation process more easily.

What is Sedation Applied Before Hair Transplantation?

Asyon Sedation öncesi applied to the patient before hair transplantation is a kind of sleep-adjusted sleep condition that can be individually adjusted and the effect can be scaled accordingly to protect all the reflexes of the patients who have a fear of needles.

The sedation procedure is completely safe, and the pain which is already felt is reduced to almost zero. Whether or not to do sedation depends entirely on the patient's wishes. Our patients who do not have needle fear do not have to have sedation.

Hair Transplant Stages

Hair transplantation operation takes place in three basic stages except preparation. These;

1- Collection of hair follicles - FUE method: Hair removal one by one
2- Opening channels
3- Planting of roots

Collection of Hair Roots

FUE method which uses hair transplantation to a more aesthetic and comfortable level is used in the collection of hair follicles.

With the Fue Technique, micro motors with 06, 07, 08, 09mm diameter punches (according to the size of the hair follicles) can be collected from the nape region according to the angle of the hair follicles. When the punch selection is made, it is determined how many hairs the hair roots have and the appropriate tip is used. In this way, the hair follicle is prevented from being damaged and collected in the highest quality. It is also important to collect hair follicles according to their angles. In this way again, the maximum quality collection is achieved.
The selection of pucnh, the angle of the hair follicles and the experience of the physician or healthcare professional who perform the collection are important for the collection of the highest quality hair follicles. Fue & Hair Istanbul works with maximum quality thanks to its expert team in this process.

Opening Channels

Opening of the ducts should be done by specialist doctors and health personnel as in the process of collecting hair follicles. In the opening of the channels, the most important point is to create an incision appropriate to the natural direction of the hair. Therefore, metal (steel) slides are used in the Fue method. These slits allow the creation of incisions appropriate to the natural direction of the hair.

Slides used during channel opening are changed after opening 300 - 400 channels to maintain sharpness and to open natural angled channels. Fue & Hair uses sapphire inserts instead of metal inserts with the development of hair transplantation technologies in recent years. This process is called Sapphire Fue. Sapphire Fue method is much smoother and better quality results in grooving operations. Whether the grooving process is made with metal tip or sapphire tip, it is important that the tips are disposable for the patient.

Hair Transplantation

The saon stage of the hair transplantation operation is the placement of the hair follicles with the right angles to the opened channels. In the process of hair transplantation, the hair roots should be placed one by one at angles of 40-45 degrees which are appropriate for the natural hair appearance of the patient.

Although hair transplantation materials used in all stages of hair transplantation are the factors that determine the quality of transplantation, the most important factor is the experience of the doctors and health personnel participating in the hair transplantation operation.

FUE Technique is the best quality hair transplantation method that allows the patient to return to his social life in a short time.

Fue, Follicular Unit Extraction is performed in a comfortable environment in Fue & Hair Istanbul with expert staff.

Fundamentals of Hair Transplant Operation

People between 20 and 60 years of age can have hair transplantation.
It is sufficient to allocate a period of 3 days before and after the operation.
Depending on the amount of root needed, the operation time is approximately 6-8 hours.
Performing the operation in a hospital or well-equipped clinical setting is necessary for immediate intervention in a possible complication.
The operation is carried out with a doctor and at least 3 medical personnel specialized in the field.
It takes between 6 months and 18 months to get full results. In other words, hair can continue to grow up to the 18th month from the day of operation.

7 Steps Hair Transplant Process

1. Consultation: It is the stage of determining the operation plan and hair line with the doctor.
2. Preparation: It covers the sterilization of the operation area of ​​the patient on the day of operation and the administration of local anesthesia.
3. Reception: It is the collection of one's hair from the donor area.
4. Grooving: Hairis the process of opening the channel in accordance with the natural hair direction.
5. Sowing Process: The hair roots are planted at an appropriate angle to the area to be sown.
6. Post-operative Procedures: This includes the PRP treatment procedures that will be used to dress the areas where the operation is performed and to accelerate the healing of the hair to be applied the next day.
7. Post-operative Hair Washing Procedure: This is the washing procedure that will be applied for 15 days considering the sensitivities of the transplanted area and the area where the hair is taken. In this process, de-scaling and healing is accelerated.

Hair Transplantation at Fue & Hair Istanbul Clinic

Fue & Hair Clinic for 13 years, Istanbul / Turkey in the field of hair transplantation specialist doctors and medical staff realizes the plantation operations.

Fue & Hair has performed hair transplantation for patients from many countries around the world and thus has a high level of experience. In addition, it considers all the comfort of its patients with special treatment packages that include accommodation, transfer, medicine and hair care services for patients coming from abroad.
For our international patients, our expert health consultants who have foreign language and operation knowledge give support in the whole process.

Turkey plantation operations which have very high quality hair transplant clinic with success, quality hotel, reasonable prices are available with the unique beauty of a country. Fue & Hair is a private clinic that has been serving successfully in this field in Istanbul for a long time.

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