Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair mentioned, it is the first from the country Turkey. Because; Turkey, affordable with specialized doctors and medical staff are starting from 1990 in Hair Transplantation and offers a quality service.

Turkey, top quality and affordable serving all over the world in hair transplantation surgery is a country where hospitals and clinics of the plantation operations.

It is a country of “Hair Transplant Health Tourism” with its doctors and health personnel who are certified in the field of Hair Transplantation following the developing technologies and innovations.

All Hair Transplantation techniques applied in the world, especially in hospitals and clinics located in Istanbul, Turkey is again made with the best prices in the world.

Why Hair Restoration in Turkey?

  1. At the same time with the whole world began modern hair transplantation procedures.
  2. He has specialist doctors and staff in hair transplantation.
  3. Equipped with modern equipment, world class hospitals and clinics.
  4. State-of-the-art equipment and methods are used in hair transplantation.
  5. A first class service is provided in hair transplantation.
  6. It has the most experienced doctors and staff in the world in terms of number of patients.
  7. A country that is easy to reach between Asia and Europe.
  8. The world's highest quality services in health tourism and hair transplantation are offered at the most affordable prices.
  9. Turkey, the world's top five countries in the field of health tourism
  10. Turkey's plantation industry surpassed $ 1 billion in 2018.
  11. Over 100 million visitors come to Istanbul's airlines every year

History Of Hair Transplantation

Turkey's first choice of the reason why I try to explain their plantation operations by examining the history of the plantation operations.

The first hair transplantation operation in the historical records was carried out in 1982 by a German teacher and student.

The first of the modern hair transplantation operations was carried out in 1939 by Oku Japon Okuda Oku, a dermotologist. Arrowda. He is also known as the first person to develop and practice hair transplantation, known as the unch punch technique “.

The first hair transplant operation in the United States in 1952 in New York. It was done by Norman Orentreich. He is also known as the first person to use the term or donor dominant inde in hair transplantation and emphasize that hair from the donor area is genetically coded for hair loss.
However, dr. Since Norman Orentreich used 4mm roots, the planted hair was far from natural. For this reason, it has identified with the concept called literatür Pluggy Look de in the medical literature and known as grass man among the people.

In the 1980s, a ribbon-like skin was removed from the scalp region and hair root units were separated and transplanted. Scalp patches containing more than one root unit were called minigreft and those containing single root unit were called micro graft. These were mixed by planting. When 2000 grafts were transplanted, they were called gas megasession ”. Micrografts were placed in the front and minigrafts in the back. Later, dr. Under the leadership of Bernstein, only micrografts were used. With these applications, natural-looking hair transplantation operations were started.

In 1989, in Australia, Dr. Woods began the FUE process, which he kept secret. So he was taking root units one by one and planting them. In 1995, it aired on only one television program without detail. However, in 2001, Dr. After Rassmann published FUE, Woods said, “I did it first. This process should be mentioned in my name. Bulundu After this release, the FUE process spread rapidly.

As a result of the developments, the FUE method became widespread and accepted as the Saç Best Hair Transplantation Method ada all over the world.

History of Hair Restoration in Turkey

also in the whole world together with Turkey in 1990, "Hair Transplant Operations" began to spread. Doctors in Turkey they made themselves by following developments in this area specializing in this field. All Hair Transplantation processes were performed by doctors in the early years. Towards the 2000s, medical personnel were trained by doctors to assist in operations.

hospitals and doctors in Turkey "Hair" follow every development and innovation in the area began to attract the attention of the whole world in on Hair Transplant Operations.

"Fue Method" now took a turn better applied in Turkey from all over the world. Turkey and Istanbul's geographical location, historical significance, and should be accessible to the world price of hair transplantation eligibility Turkey "Hair Transplant Tourism in" has become a center of attraction.

In addition to being one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Istanbul can be defined as a health base with its hospitals and clinics using advanced technologies and doctors and health personnel who have made great progress in the field of “health”.

Hospitals and clinics in the health field gained the success of the last 10 years in Istanbul "Hair" has progressed in all areas of the world. In addition to successful results from hair transplant operations, it has produced solutions that will provide all comfort and satisfaction especially for patients coming from abroad. In addition to hotel reservations, airport transfers, drug supply, city tour organizations for foreign patients, consultants with foreign language knowledge will be employed to inform patients in the whole process.

Fue&Hair Cilinic in Istanbul

Fue&Hair has been specialized in the field of Hair Transplantation in Istanbul for 13 years and offers special klinik Hair Transplant Packages için for the patients abroad.

Fue & Hair has performed hundreds of successful hair transplantation operations with doctors and health personnel who have successfully applied the developing hair transplantation technologies and methods.

In addition to hair transplantation operations performed by Fue technique, DHI Hair Transplantation, Sapphire Fue Hair Transplantation, Soft Fue Hair Transplantation and Shaveless Hair Transplantation are performed at Fue & Hair. In addition, beard and mustache transplantation, eyebrow transplantation, wound and burn scar transplantation operations are performed successfully.

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