DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant (Direct Hair Implant) hair roots taken from the rotating area, that is, before the grafts go through a separate process, before the opening of a channel in the area to be transplanted, a very fine needle through the natural exit angle of the hair in accordance with the natural round hair cultivation process.

Two different views have been proposed by experts for DHI Hair Transplantation. Some researchers consider DHI Hair Transplantation as a separate hair transplantation method, while others argue that it is not a hair transplantation method. They even point out that this is a method of implantation with the FUE technique and they see it only as a marketing technique.

As a result of all these discussions, the general opinion is that DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is considered as a separate hair transplantation method because it contains a different transplantation phase than Fue.

DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is defined as unshaved hair transplantation, as well as the needle used because of the Choi method.

What is Hair Transplantation with DHI Hair Transplant Technique and Implanter Pen Technique? How To?

The main purpose of the Direct Hair Implant (DHI) technique is to ensure that hair roots / grafts remain healthier and stronger by minimizing the time spent outside for a separate healing process. In this way, the best results of hair transplantation operation is provided.

In the DHI method, unlike Fue, hair follicles, ie grafts, are removed from the rotating area and transplanted with Implanter / Choi needle in one process instead of two grooves. The Implanter / Choi needle has a very thin, cylindrical and sharp tip in shape. This Choi needle with a cylindrical tip is in the form of a channel and can be inserted into the needle by driving the hair along this channel. DHI technique is also referred to as Choi method because of the nature of this needle.

DHI Hair Transplantation (Direct Hair Implant) specialist in the field of doctors and medical staff should be done. Fue & Hair in Turkey is carrying out with success with its expert staff.

DHI Hair Transplant Application Steps

  1. In a hair transplantation operation performed with Choi implanter pen, the hair follicles collected are placed one by one in the pen.
  2. This placement should be done with great care and care. Here, the placement assistants give each specialist a hair follicle for transplantation.
  3. At this point, the doctor sows the hair follicles at the most appropriate angle of 40-45 degrees. Apart from this angle, another important point is the correct direction and this is done in accordance with the direction of previous hair transplantation person.
  4. The hair roots placed on the Choi needle are determined by the angle and direction and the needle is pushed and transplanted.
  5. In the operation, 2 to 6 Choi pens and an average of 15-16 choi tips are used. The tips of these pens can have different sizes. The factor determining this is the hair follicle and thickness structure.
  6. Choi hair transplantation method naturally has several advantages and disadvantages than FUE method.

Advantages of DHI

First of all, let's talk about the advantages mentioned by the experts:

  1. It minimizes the time of hair follicles out of the tissue to a minimum and ensures a more healthy transplantation.
  2. The survival rate of hair follicles is higher.
  3. As the incision area will be less, it minimizes the risk of bleeding as much as possible.
  4. A faster recovery can be seen after a hair transplant operation, so that the patient can easily return to his daily routine in a short time.
  5. In this method, unshaved hair transplantation can be done more easily.
  6. DHI Hair healing process is faster with hair transplantation.
  7. DHI hair transplantation does not need to be shaved.
  8. With the Special Implanter (Pen), the angle and direction of the grafts for DHI is much easier and more successful.
  9. DHI has no crusting, pitting and postulation.
  10. There is no bleeding in DHI because implantation is performed with a special Implanter without open channels.

Disadvantages of DHI method

The disadvantages compared to the FUE method are the following:

  1. DHI hair transplantation method will be applied to the doctor and health care specialist should be specialized in this area.
  2. In one session of DHI hair transplantation method, maximum 2,500 grafts and FUE 5,000 grafts can be used. Therefore, patients who need more than 2,000 grafts should accept multiple sessions with DHI.

Who are the good candidates for the DHI / Choi technique?

DHI Hair Transplant may not be suitable for everyone. The most suitable candidates for the DHI / Choi technique are:

  1. DHI is more suitable for patients who need anterior hairline transplantation since a maximum of 2500 grafts can be transplanted in one session.
  2. Patients who need eyebrow transplantation
  3. Patients who need beard transplantation
  4. Patients who need mustache transplantation
  5. Wound and burn scar
  6. Patients who do not want to shave during hair transplantation
  7. Patients who want a more dense look in the balding area
  8. Patients who want to return to normal life faster after hair transplant operation

What is the density of DHI hair transplantation?

It is possible to implant 45-60 grafts per cm2 in normal FUE, but it is possible to implant 80-90 grafts per cm2 with DHI. Because DHI hair transplant operation in the FUE method that bleeding is not in question. This means that the maximum possible hair density can be achieved with DHI. For example, if the maximum graft match with the FUE is 1,000 at a particular withdrawal zone on the anterior hairline; In the DHI technique, there may be 2,000 grafts for the same area.

The maximum number of grafts in a session with DHI can be approximately 2,500 grafts and 5,000 grafts in FUE. Therefore, patients who need more than 2,000 grafts should accept multiple sessions with DHI.

FUE hair transplantation in Turkey with DHA & HAIR

DHI Hair transplantation is a hair transplantation technique that requires more expertise than normal Fue. Therefore, DHI hair transplant doctors and health personnel should also be specialized for this technique. In Turkey, as in all over the world will also make the hair with DHI doctors and fewer medical staff. However, the number of experts will make Turkey more DHA plantation registering a progress in this area is higher than in other countries.

Fue&Hair DHA in Turkey has been working with specialist doctors and medical staff will make the hair transplantation surgery. DHI provides specialist hair transplant doctors and health personnel in a comprehensive health center for trouble-free hair transplantation operations.

Prices DHI hair transplantation in Turkey

DHI Hair Transplantation The price is slightly higher since it is a more troublesome and demanding hair transplantation process compared to normal FUE. However, countries with the most affordable prices in the world for Turkey DHI Hair Restoration process. with specialized doctors and medical personnel in the field of Hair Transplant Turkey is one of the few countries where you can make the most appropriate price for the best quality hair services.

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